Advertising Week 2012; Google talks mobile ads: lots of show, little substance

By Elisa Rivero

The event was fluff which is a shame because publishers face a real pickle: how can they reclaim lost desktop dollars as readers move to mobile? For now, the problem is that many ad buyers think that mobile screens are too small for effective advertising while, at the same time, consumers find mobile ads invasive.
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We were also able to hear this presentation as well at Advertising Week 2012.   This comment by Jeff really hit home for us at ResponsiveAds.  We are so focused on the correlation of value between mobile, desktop and online with right ad unit and design. Today the correlation discussion that links these different channels in our mind is a key to prevent this underestimated value of mobile. Many  demand side players will say that mobile CPM  is so low because supply is so great, however on this limited screen real estate in premium positions a cross-screen strategy is the key to assuring this value sales.

The too small or invasive discussion is not new.  However, it is clearly showing that when the ads are relevant, the invasiveness discussion goes away. With tap to expand,  mobile-rollovers, the small screen dilemma is solved.

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