Fully-Fluid™ Friday: High-Impact Playable Crossword Ad

By Matthew Snyder

It is week 34 (Friday August 26, 2022). As we get close to winding down the summer, an exciting Responsive Ad to show is one of the most engaging of the categories — Playable Ads

What are Playable Ads? 

 They are micro-games or apps that offer enjoyment, satisfaction and joy to complete.  What makes them different than games is they need to be consumable in minutes so that there is instant satisfaction for end users.  Responsive Ads makes it fast and easy to produce these types of ads as you do not need to worry about resizing— it is done automatically and you can have dozens of sizes and also change the messaging with dynamic creative optimization.

Why Crossword Puzzle Ads?   

These are very powerful for brand engagement and offering a chance to deliver keywords relative to the brand in a way that challenges the end-user.   The key is to make them not too hard or require long periods of time to complete, but designed so they are impactful within minutes of playing.

How are the Benchmark Stats?

Playable ads are at the high-end of the engagement and time-spent spectrum for performance.  They can give engagement rates 100x standard banners.  As they are intricate, they are very hard to do in standard IAB sizes, so you want to make them part of a bigger canvas — such as a 4×1 (1800×450) etc..   The time-spent from the consumer can be >2x of standard engagement based ads.


Enrich Your Marketing with Top Quality Playable Ads

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Playin, allowing us to build playable ads with 200% Engagement Rate.

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