Responsive Advertising for us means three things:

1)  The ability to best manage, sell, deliver and optimize ads across all screens.

2) Ads that respond to the “intent” of the consumer at the right time and place- contextual.  Ads that users “like” and see as content, entertainment and social.

3) Ads that can be delivered in a unique seamless pattern like a story from screen-to-screen.

We will get deeply into these three concepts as we evolve and grow Responsiveads.

In the diagram above we wanted to show these three concepts with two different ads that form for the different screens.   The leader board ad ( Yellow)   is linked to the publication in the top spot in all screens.The Rectangle and side ad ( Red)  is seen by the user, but stays above the fold for for the user in any view.  It can change from 300×250 to a 300×50 ad size depending on the screen view.