Fully-Fluid™ Friday: Shoppable Ads with Lead Gen

By Matthew Snyder

Ad of the week for October 21, 2022:   Every week we try  to share something innovative to prove ResponsiveAds offers the most innovative ad formats for display possible.   Despite the lower spend in Q3, there is an opportunity for driving performance and revenue for marketers with ad units that incorporate Lead Generation ( Data-capture)

Lead Generation has been the #1 priority for marketers as it is a direct path to revenue.  Given that fact that there is an unstability in the market with the deprecation of the 3rd party cookie, it is more important for marketers and brands to build client lists and leverage lead-gen as a means to do it.  

Traditionally Lead Gen would happen through email-marketing or content marketing ( sign-up for a white-paper) but what not add that additional feature into your display ads.  This will give direct conversion of at lead 30% growth in sign-ups instead of driving users only to our web page to do so.

As Q4 is a time for attracting the end-of-year shopper, we wanted to show off a unit this week that does just that.

Combining the ability to have a shoppable ad and Lead gen in the same unit.  In this case we have the lead-gen email sign-up in the actual carousel instead of the body of the ad and it proved to be very efficient.

This beautiful high-impact-edge-to-edge lead gen ad holds up to 5 input fields in a carousel slide or the main panel. The benefits include:

-Dynamic insertion of shoppable products ( either by feed or link to google sheets

-Salesforce Pardot or your own CRM form

-Reduce the cost per lead > 30%

Check out our demo page or start creating your own!

"What we achieved were engagement rates that you see from a very well designed native component of a web experience. 20% of viewable impressions for interacting with the unit"

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