Fully-Fluid™ Friday: Contextual Content Insertion

By Matthew Snyder

Ad of the week for October 10, 2022.  Did you know that contextual ads show 5X CTR increase with an average of 1%+ with contextual content?   Here is an example developed with our partner Hindsight Solutions that extracts contextual content from page articles and inserts them into Responsive Ads.  This is powerful as it is now only text content such as keywords, but also images can be inserted.  Categories such as Sports, Travel, Entertainment, Music, Finance, and Recruiting are the first step.  ResponsiveAds has several easy-to-use free templates you can try with your publication.  This is geared toward publishers looking for interesting contextual solutions to replace the 3rd party cookie and augment their first-party data strategy around the contextual content of their audience.

ResponsiveAds can leverage this technology as a turnkey plug-n-play solution for publishers and brands alike.

Find out more about contextual ads:


(Click any article “by hindsight” and watch the dynamic insertion of contextual content  e.g Milwaukee Bucks & Sports) 

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