Shoppable Ad Solutions to Close-the-Loop

Drive ROAS with premium customizable creative solutions for brands, agencies, merchants, and publishers looking to create next-level engaging shoppable ads that perform across direct and programmatic for mobile, display, CTV, and retail media networks.

Click-to-Site Formats (for everybody)


In-Page Checkout Ads (for Publishers)

In-Ad Checkout Ads (for Brands, Merchants, Retailers)

    Introducing several of the key partners

    Retail Media

    In-Ad Checkout & APIs 

    “The Shoppable® Checkout API™ provides closed-loop campaign tracking and first-party data for ResponsiveAds’ universal format.  Advertisers can finally receive the full marketing funnel analytics, from impression to the checkout confirmation email, while decreasing shopper friction through Shoppable’s universal e-commerce technology.  The result is greater conversions, reduced cart abandonment, and increased ROI.”

    Heather Udo

    Founder & CEO, Shoppable®

    Retail Media

    In-Page Checkout Solutions

    “It was incredibly effective and successful. Most surprising was the ResponsiveAds execution was just how high the levels of engagement were with the actual ad units. It showed the fundamentals of this opportunity and this strategy, and how effective it could be at actually doing something very different than what’s currently done in the marketplace.”

    Evan Moore

    VP NBCU Checkout