Fully-Fluid™: Responsive Video Multi-language Video Carousel

By Elisa Rivero

Ad of the week for February 24, 2023:

Your brand story is told in a way only can be done with videos. On the latest In-Banner video Carousel, we make sure to keep your users engaged by showing them more and more of your brand story as they scroll through it. With 2x time spent and 20x engagement over 200 languages supported, this carousel has been crafted keeping these numbers in mind. And all this while being dynamic based on browser, device or country settings – meaning even those who don’t speak English as a first language can enjoy your brand’s immersive experience right from the comfort of their own home! You really can’t go wrong with ResponsiveAds – it’s free as part of our Template Marketplace so why not try it out?

Check out our demo now!

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