Fully-Fluid™: High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad

By Elisa Rivero

Ad of the week for August 11, 2023: High-impact Live Sports Feed Ad

When it comes to sports, the thrill is in the action – and now, that excitement extends to advertising! We’re thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our suite of innovative ad solutions: the High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad, developed in collaboration with our partner, NBC Local. Designed as a Fully-Fluid® creative, this display ad unit takes fan engagement to new heights, especially in the top Masthead position. Get ready to bring the energy of live sports to your advertising strategy!

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Fully-Fluid® Creative for Maximum Impact:

Imagine an ad that not only captures attention but also fully immerses the viewer in the live sports experience. With the High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad, we’ve created a template that dynamically fills all available slots on the page, making a significant impact, especially when placed in the top Masthead position. Get ready to command attention and bring the spirit of the game to your audience.

Real-Time Team Feeds for Dynamic Updates:

In partnership with NBC Local, our High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad is a dynamic template that can be tailored for different teams. With on-the-fly updates, your audience will always have the latest scores, highlights, and news at their fingertips. Whether it’s touchdowns, goals, or slam dunks, this ad keeps fans in the know, enhancing their experience and connection with the game.

Exceptional Engagement and Click-Through Rates:

Engagement is the name of the game, and the High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad takes it to a whole new level. With engagement rates exceeding 20x that of traditional static ads, you’re not just advertising – you’re connecting with fans who are truly invested in the action. High-performance click-throughs mean that your message reaches a captivated audience, ready to take the next step.

Perfect for Real-Time Events:

When the game is on, so is this ad! The High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad is designed to shine during real-time events. Whether it’s the final minutes of a nail-biting match or the pivotal moment of a championship game, your message will be right there alongside the action, making it a part of the unforgettable fan experience.

Customization Beyond Expectations:

This template isn’t just about scores and updates – it’s a canvas for creativity. Add animations and triggers to bring the ad to life, ensuring your message stands out in the crowd. And why stop there? Include an “add-to-calendar” feature that lets fans bookmark upcoming events, enhancing their anticipation and ensuring they never miss a game.


The High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad is more than an ad – it’s a connection to the pulse of the game. Partnering with NBC Local, this Fully-Fluid® creative fills all available slots, with a special focus on the top Masthead position. With real-time team feeds, exceptional engagement, and customization options, this ad unit is a slam dunk for any advertiser looking to capture the excitement of live sports. Get ready to elevate fan engagement and bring the game to life in the world of advertising!

Check the demo today to learn more about the High-Impact Live Sports Feed Ad and explore how this dynamic solution can transform your advertising strategy.

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