Fully-Fluid™ Friday: Dynamic Co-Sponsored FIFA Count Down Video Hero

By Elisa Rivero

Ad of the week for November 25, 2022:  Check out this amazing unit for mass audience events that informs users with a countdown clock and save to a calendar on your mobile, tablet, or desktop with google, apple, and outlook calendar feature.  This mast-head or hero unit is a large 4:1 size that changes to a 16:9 for mobile/tablet, yet when you scroll down the page you get the non-interrupt experience of the ad changing to a 10:1 or 6:1 for the small screen.  Video is Chrome Heavy compatible with both preview renditions and automatic video sizing for an optimized experience.

  • In-Banner Video (IBV) high-impact open/close 4:1 /10:1 format for mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Features include: Dynamic countdown clock to different FIFA games, plus add-to-calendar
 Check out our demo page or start creating your own!

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