Why is ResponsiveAds the Answer for Native Advertising?

By Elisa Rivero

For most — including the Atlantic, Politico, Gannett and others — it’s about fitting the ad into the site experience.

ResponsiveAds‘ insight:
What is native advertising, and what does it mean for publishers? Digiday recently asked publishers for their definitions of “native advertising.” Answers ranged from – it’s still being defined to creating an advertising experience that doesn’t disrupt what the user is expecting.

We think that ResponsiveAds is the answer for native advertising because:

  • It provides the best design of ads onto publisher websites;
  • It can be used like The New York Times has designed Riccochet, which was launched last April and allows advertisers to select articles from their archive to attach ads to for a specific period of time. Riccochet provides a unique URL for articles that have these advertisements;
  • Incorporating sponsored content allows publishers to incorporate ads “in stream,” eliminating disruption of the reader’s website experience and flowing with the rest of the editorial content; and
  • It’s focused on brand marketing versus direct response.

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