ResponsiveAds featured in IAB white paper

By Elisa Rivero

IAB just released an overview white paper into Responsive Web Design (RWD) titled “Responsive Design and Ad Creative: An IAB Perspective” as an effort to foster better understanding of this new exciting trend in web development. The big challenge for publishers embracing RWD is how to setup advertising on a web site that has dynamic layout which changes based on the screen size that it’s viewed.

The white paper is featuring a responsive ad demo page that’s using ResponsiveAds STRETCH™ and SWAP™ banners to showcase how publishers can use responsive ad units to deliver the user an optimized ad for every screen size.

IAB defines responsive ad units as Responsive Creative Design (RCD).

Responsive Creative Design refers to an automated ad server process of optimizing the look and fit of an ad creative to the ad opportunity/ screen/ inventory available.

The white paper doesn’t go very deep into defining different types of RCD, but does conclude that

Together, RCD and RWD promise to revolutionize digital advertising across PCs, tablets, smartphones, and future smart devices. With the continuing proliferation of different screen sizes and resolutions, any approach that insists on a custom piece of creative for each device is unlikely to prove scalable or cost effective in the long run.

This is definitely something we can agree on.

Oh, and if you’re interested in this topic, be sure to sign-up for our upcoming white paper on the business models of Responsive Web Design:


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