Responsive Web Design Provides Just One Internet

By Elisa Rivero

Why we need to forget the idea of a mobile Internet and start thinking about how to create seamless online communications instead, irrespective of device.

ResponsiveAds’ insight:
Responsive web design enables us to have one Internet with multiple views. The idea of a mobile Internet went out the window when the dotmobi (.mobi) domain did not go mainstream. Having multiple URLs with, or is just too complicated.

Companies creating mobile sites with hopes of getting indexed in Google for a mobile Internet is great, but the big “wave” is now here with browsers that are just as powerful on mobile as desktop.

Publishers defining their mobile strategy thinking about deploying a separate mobile website should take a harder look at considering a a mobile app and keeping their web strategy Responsive.

With the growth of apps, there might not be a mobile web Internet, but maybe the mobile app ecosystem will become the next new Internet. That might be difficult because all app ecosystems are separated and proprietary.

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