Responsive Web Design: Opportunities and Challenges

By Elisa Rivero

” For those applications that are best served by presenting all of the same content to users regardless of device, responsive design is the best way we currently have to accomplish it. Responsive design does require a fundamental change in the design/development process for many organizations, but should—in the end—provide a better customer experience.

Responsive design does, however, bring its own challenges. We must be even more aware of customer usage, performance and bandwidth considerations, and deal with them in a responsible manner.

When we combine responsive design with some of the new HTML5 features that are becoming available to us within mobile and other devices, we have the ability to change the way we present on the web to create a truly unique experience for our users. Better yet, this experience can be built on a maintainable and hopefully future-proof codebase. In this way, we will come ever closer to the ideal of responsive architecture, as presented in the physical world. ” –  Bob Holt, Mangager of Interactive Development, Sapient Global Markets
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