Responsive Ads Should Respond in Real Time

By Elisa Rivero

Mobilizing nimbly for events like the Super Bowl is one challenge, but building teams to efficiently create content is another.

“I think this speaks to the need to systematize [brands’] social content creation,” said Noah Brier, CEO of Percolate. “They’re not going to need to tweet every single moment, but for the big ones they’re going to need to be able to mobilize quickly: spotting an opportunity and creating content in that moment.”

Sabrina Caluori, vice president of social media and performance marketing at HBO,  explained that “the nine-to-five model has to change if brands are expected to be responsive 24/7.”

ResponsiveAds’ insight:
Responsive Ads should do just that — make it easier to respond to the user and context around them in real time.

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