Real Time + Real World + Real Ads (Relevant) = Responsive Advertising

By Elisa Rivero

In a recent article in Mediapost by Joe Mandese titled “Real Time + Real World = Real World Retargeting” , he talks about what happens  when real-time marketing meets the real world… he is not just talking about mobile, which is an obvious means of serving ads to people based on their geographic proximities, he is talking about good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar.

“Ninety-two percent of all retail is still offline,” Jeremy Ozen, one of the co-founders of Vistar Media, told me earlier today, a fact that I have to admit surprised me when I heard it. But it’s for that reason, he says, that Vistar has been developing a new marketing concept he calls “real world retargeting.”

Ozen says the conversions won’t necessarily happen in real-time, because consumers in the physical world cannot necessarily react with the same impulsive speed that they might online, but he says the same attribution models will apply.

If we serve an ad to an office building, a QSR location or a cab in a downtown district, we will be able to see if that [user’s] phone shows up within the four walls of Wal-mart that day, in the next week or two weeks from now,” Ozen explains.

Ultimately, the attribution of those conversions will depend on the type of advertiser and product or service being advertised, but Ozen says, noting, “It will depend on the advertiser, but for people with brick and mortar locations this is a really interesting way to bring accountability to a segment of media spend that didn’t necessarily have it before.

Another company doing similar things with real-time retargeting is a company called Local Response… they call “intent response..

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ResponsiveAd‘s insight:
Great view but I feel it still falls short…. as it is only 2 legs of the stool. To get the balance and strategy right we need the right 3 legs of the conversational marketing approach.   Having conversations in silo’s just does not work.  There is a continuous stream from screen to screen that begins the interaction that can trigger the next one.  Closing the loop for the right a must come with these relevant real time and place with the right honest messages to make this next shift in advertising work.

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