New York Times looses paywall for Starbucks customers …Responsive Location Based Ads?

By Elisa Rivero

Would it be convenient to get Responsive location based ads in your Free New York Times digital newspaper in Starbucks?

Fans of The New York Times will be pleased to hear that starting today, you can read up to 15 articles for free on whenever you connect to the Internet in Starbucks.  Coffee … Just when the paywall proved to be profitable as well?

ResponsiveDaily‘s insight:
This is big news!  Why,  well when a publisher like the NYtimes drops its paywall there is one thing that comes to mind…. Advertising.  As Starbucks has a Responsive Web Design strategy ( see  and they are so central to the location of the context of that moment you grab a coffee.  Just think of that reference point for all of the advertisers around you.   Usually, somebody makes a pit-stop at Starbucks to get a coffee…. Clear their head before getting back on with their plans for the day.  A good time for engagement advertising that is location specific around you with Starbucks location as the anchor point before you head into that retail store.

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