Cross-Device Tracking Will Expand Mobile Advertising, hence the Responsive Creative

By Elisa Rivero

In a recent Media Post article Brian Nadres, TheMediaKitchen highlights three very important points.

1) Deriving Larger mobile budgets. The data from cross-device tracking could be the key to finally unlocking advertising spend on mobile devices.

2) More sequential messaging. Cross-device tracking highlights the power of using sequential messaging across devices.

3) Better media mix. Cross-channel attribution credits each advertising channel with a portion of a conversion based on its contribution.

If we take even one step further, the way this data glue can be applied is all in the creative strategy.  We at ResponsiveAds keep driving to this vision.

ResponsiveDaily‘s insight:
This will be one of the most contested discussions in 2014. With all the debate around cookies, privacy, unique identifiers, once the air is cleared, the effects on mobile advertising will be astounding…

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