Fully-Fluid™ Friday: Multi-IBV Carousels (Multiple In-Banner-Video)

By Matthew Snyder

Ad of the week for October 14, 2022:  Increase your brand awareness by displaying up to 10 multiple videos in a carousel displayed in an edge-to-edge full bleed format. Clicking the videos open an interactive window allows the user the discovery of relevant content .

This Chrome heavy compliant preview renditioning system impluses a 2X video viewing rates for your ads.


"Responsive Ads and its powerful technology have led to massive advancements in our ability to promote branded content with cutting-edge ad units that not only look great but also perform outstandingly. The team at Responsive are wonderful partners that provide top-notch customer service and the tools we need to meet our goals and generate click and engagement rates higher than what we thought was possible."

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