Fully-Fluid™ Friday: Shoppable Ads Animated vs Static

By Matthew Snyder

It is week 37 (Friday, September 16, 2022). As we think of the Q4 heavy holiday shopping season, we wanted to do a Shoppable Ad of the week refresh.  This time the key point is animation. When comparing regular static ads with animated shoppable ones, there is an opportunity for an extended lift; Animated ads can overperform 10 to 20% more than a simple static ad. 

Learn more about the best way to add that subtle animation impact to your creativity.

Ask us about our Shoppable Ads Animated Showcase.  Many partners working with tools like Adobe Animate are blown away by how much better-animated ads can be when designed in a fluid responsive manner – especially parallax designs that are Responsive to scroll vs time-based.  ResponsiveAds is also a Greensock GSAP partner and the latest 3.11 is now part of ResponsiveAds Studio libraries


The all new commerce engine from NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal Checkout is One Platform’s new commerce engine that grants any business—local or national, newly or originally direct-to-consumer—the ability to set up shop in one place and instantly reach nearly all Americans with a single integration.

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