Fully-Fluid™ Friday: Contextual Weather Ad

By Matthew Snyder

It is September 28, 2022). Did you know that contextual ads show 20% increase in the engagement rate and 2X better recall rates?   

ResponsiveAds offers the ability to have dynamic creative optimized (DCO) creatives for context.  This week the theme is weather and the ability to dynamically change the creative and messaging for weather.

Demo   (use the condition simulator with these different conditions:  )





Snow showers



Heavy snow

Heavy rain

The Pillars of Ad Targeting

Contextual targeting to place innovative engagement and advertising units to enrich web content.

Contextual is a leading enabler of targeting. Targeting consumers with personalization techniques will become the holy grail of relevancy and engagement, with the core building block of context as the foundation of a data strategy for publishers. This fundamentally must be based on observing privacy requirements for both regulated and consumer-driven strategies. The path to get there can be formed from these three pillars of data strategies and targeting plus the key input and customization by the consumer. The key three pillars of targeting & personalization

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