Facebook’s Phone Could Mean FREE Cell Phone Minutes? User Opt-in Mobile Advertising?

By Elisa Rivero

Responsive Advertising

There has been a long promise of the FREE model…. but it must be powered by Advertising?  There was Blyk that tried to do it…..

Then Google launched Android as the FREE open OS that created much debate,

It there now a shift further that — “Carriers should be worried. They could become nothing more than “dumb pipes.”  Business Insider

ResponsiveAds  insight:
It was just a matter of time before the competition between Google ( Android) and iPhone (Apple) would lead to a further unique business model of scale.   FREE minutes.

How many of you have used skype to talk for Free on your iPhone over wifi?   How many of you dred that $70~$150/month bill for internet usage, talk and text when you are doing it all over wifi?

Could this be another disruption to the ecosystem to bring a unique form of mobile advertising that is very location sensitive and relevant to our social graph because we have opted-in?

Facebook could have the moment to make this kind of announcement and make it free for all users that want to have this benefit of real-time location basd advertising cross-platform.

It does not have to be a one-size-fits all model.  Only for the individuals that want to “opt-in” for this kind of service… and buy a Facebook phone.

( 50M or 5% of the users would be a nice big market nevertheless)

See on www.businessinsider.com

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