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We build metaverse solutions for brands, agencies, and creators.

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About Arlene, Inc.

Arlene is a platform making virtual experiences more accessible and results-driven across web2 and web3 destinations. 

These experiences include immersive ads, virtual worlds, 3D/AR activations, and NFT loyalty programs.

Founded by ex-Twitter and Blippar leaders, Arlene’s team aims to democratize metaverse experiences for brands, agencies, and creators.

Arlene is an essential partner in quickly helping us reach new audiences in new ways. Their team is both visionary and practical. I can't imagine approaching the complicated problems we now face as a company without them.
David Lehman, Digital Director at COACH

Arlene, Inc. and ResponsiveAds

Arlene helps power 3D, AR/VR, and 360 advertising experiences for ResponsiveAds. 

"Fusing the interactivity of 3D/AR experiences with the scalability of various programmatic ad formats leads to impressive user engagement and deeper brand connections."

Colin Jacobson


  • Posey Larker

Use cases

  • Metaverse Solutions

    It is estimated that by 2024, metaverse will constitute a market of $800 billion USD. By developing engaging shopping experiences in various metaverse destinations, Arlene fosters confident purchase decisions. This, in turn, permits businesses to build deep brand connections while gaining relevant customer insight.

  • AR/VR/3D

    Virtual experiences provide immersive canvases for brands to engage customers and drive value. Arlene supports 3D, AR, and VR activations on web, social, and programmatic media.

  • NFTs

    Non-Fungible Tokens represent digital assets that can be bought and sold with their ownership stored in the blockchain. Arlene works with brands at building custom marketing strategies using NFTs to drive brand awareness and profit. Strategies include gamification, promotion of in-person events, support of social causes, rewards programs, among others. Even though NFTs are relatively new, they have proven to be successful at steering brand loyalty.

  • VTOs

    Virtual try-on technology allows customers to try on products on themselves or on virtual avatars and to consequently, place virtual items in the real world. It serves as a two-part 3D product preview. 1st part is an in-browser 360 preview, allowing the user to rotate and scale the model. 2nd part is an AR preview with two modes: 1) World Tracking: Supports the user placing the content within their world 2) Face Tracking: Having product appear on their face. CTAs and buttons are customizable. B

  • 360 Showrooms

    The showroom experience places users at a fixed position within a 360-degree virtual environment. Brands pull users into a branded digital world, enabling them to explore, interact, and manipulate the environment. Users can tap to view product details and shop directly from the virtual environment. 360 Showrooms have proved to statistically increase the time users spend on websites interacting with products. This represents an excellent opportunity for moving people in the early stages of the ma