2012 is the year SmartPhone devices have now surpassed the 50% subscriber rate in some countries. The change over from Feature phone to Smart devices has led to a tsunami of change in the behavior of users accessing content and websites on the go. For the last decade that has been quite a movement of mobile web design and mobile application development but the key parameter is that the number of mobile devices with browsers actually surpassed other internet devices in 2010 and now in 2012 there is more browsing on mobile than any other device. We recently learned that even though Facebook access on mobile is 50% of the desktop, users consume Facebook content more than 2x on mobile then on the desktop thus making Mobile the larger usage base of device access.
There has been plethora of mobile web site design companies and mobile web platforms, but with Responsive Web Design there is less of a need of using a separate platform technology or platform, but rather focusing on the key interactive design elements of what is important for your users is the mobile usage case and the content itself. Many of these problems have been solved over the last couple of years with mobile applications, but now with HTML5 techniques there is less need for a fragmented, deploy every time there is a new device or OS release but a 1X process of developing a mobile view for your website using Responsive Web Design Techniques.

A good Mobile First Strategy can follow these steps:

Step-1) Site owners first add mobile views using additional style-sheets and Responsive Web Design techniques to their existing site.  This is relatively a low-cost and efficient direction versus using proprietary mobile web platforms.

Step-2)  Site owners can then re-release their website completely developed with Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop in mind accommodating Responsive Web Design and Responsive Web Publishing techniques.  This is a larger investment and it is good to have insight of what your audience best leverages from your mobile experience first.