With the evolution of Responsive Web Design and Responsive Web Publishing there is a strong  need to define that advertising units (ad units) that will work across all of the different variants of screen sizes.  We have categorized these into two-types; Responsive Swap Ad ™ Units and Responsive Stretch Ad ™ Units.

Responsive Swap Ad ™ Unit

(Responsive Ad Unit- Swap Type)

The Responsive Swap Ad Unit is a description of an Ad asset that has different creatives (images, rich media assets or even ad-tags)  based on different screen sizes or screen break-points.  For each different screen size the Unit actually swaps out the creative that best fits that screen size. This way there is the possibility for a position of the site to best handle the different sizes for the different screen views.   In the case of ResponsiveAds we have a wizard that enables publishers to define the different creative or size they desire for the different screen view as well as different positions. This methodology is very transitional as for the different creative sizes; agencies and advertisers can use the existing standards from the IAB, MMA and not have to develop a new creative format strategy.  They just need to make sure they have all the different creatives for all of the needed screen sizes.  The ResponsiveAd framework can them put the right creative for the right screen size.

How it works (e.g.)
1) The creative is displayed for a specific screen size
2) The creative can either float in the position as the screen size changes until the size reaches the next break-point or the actual image can resize slightly. Depending on the clarity of text and contents in the Ad image, resizing it needs to be handled with care.
3) There is a break-point or screen size that determines the new creative size that will be “swapped”
4) In the case of ad-tag delivery, for the different breakpoints or sizes, different Ad-tags are served for the different screen sizes
Please note this is based on the visual representation of the Ad Unit and not on the targeting or relevancy of the Ad Unit. Relevancy and Targeting is based on the ad-server or the third-party ad networks.

1) As each creative is specific to a screen size, existing standards can be used and designers can continue to design for different standards in the best creative for that size
2) As each creative is definitive for screen, it may be easier to associate a different price or value for each creative and different screen scenario
3) Existing IAB/MMA Standards can be used.


Responsive Stretch Ad ™ Unit

(Responsive Ad Unit- Stretch Type)

Like Responsive Web Design, there has been a discussion in the design community for a specific Ad unit that can adapt in size itself depending on the screen size. This is a new way of thinking for the agency or advertiser to create an ad creative that is flexible in size based on the screen size. Having a unit that changes shape, can put some constraints on the overall design of that unit as well as being a new standard that is geared toward Responsive Web Designed sites, we feel it will take time before this methodology becomes main-stream.

There are challenges as now the only ad asset changes sizes so dealing with different pricing, relevancy for different screen sizes is more based now on the ad-serving rather than the actual graphical unit itself.


How it works (e.g.)

1) There is only one creative based on HTML/CSS that defines the shape.

2) This format changes shape based on the screen size.

3) break-points are created for design size rather than screen sizes

The video below shows an example of a Responsive Stretch Ad (Responsive Ad Unit- Stretch Type)


1) Create once and it can be used for any screen

2) An efficient optimum process for Advertising Operations ( AdOps)

3) Can be the latest and greatest HTML5 Application