ResponsiveAds offers solutions and ad technologies  geared toward the convergence of all screens.

Our newly released self-serve  Responsive STRETCH™  banner ad platform is quite disruptive as it enables one-ad-creative to work ubiquitously and deployed as a standard third-party tag.   Now you can have your ad connected to all screens!


Either if you have a Responsive Web Designed site or separated mobile, tablet and desktop sites,  ResponsiveAds services allow both publishers and advertisers to effectively enable existing ads to work/ perform better across all screens.

NEW-  Flow line concept

One of the many challenges is to set-up an ad to work across all screens is the shape of the actual foot-print.   ResponsiveAds enables you to set-up a configuration that we call Flow-line that will make it easy to show the same ad across desktop, tablet and mobile.

For example the diagram below shows a what we call a ” Flip Flow-line”.  A typical tower or side-bar ad can be converted dynamically on-the-fly to a horizontal banner ad unit.


NEW- Dynamic Content Optimization for Cross-Screen Attribution
When mobile advertising is created in independently from other channel ads,  there is a lack of real correlation of the value of the ad or the possibility to leverage the entire campaign strategy.  By being able to create creative conversations from one view to the next ( desktop to tablet to mobile)  the ad can be designed for cross-screen attribution. Transmedia storytelling has never been easier with ResponsiveAds STRETCH™ banner.