Use this free tool to configure AdSense for responsive websites

DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Google solution and ResponsiveAds Inc. doesn’t take any responsibility from using it. We recommend you contact Google Support to make sure you can use it. This solution doesn’t hide any ads or generate false impressions.

  1. Insert your AdSense codes in order from smaller screens to bigger screens.

  2. This tool will generate a bundled responsive AdSense code that you can use in a responsive website

For more information, see: How to get and copy AdSense code

Add in your site’s URL
URL to your site:

Your responsive AdSense code

Responsive AdSense code will be generated here

You can paste this code directly into the HTML code of your page or traffic it through DFP as a 3rd party creative.

For more information, see: How to paste code directly to your HTML

For more information, see: How to traffic 3rd party creative through DFP

n";v+='n';k.text(v);;i("responsivetag");var q=[];l.find('input[name="breakpoint"]').each(function(y,z){q.push(z.value)});if(q.length>0){_gaq.push(["_trackEvent","Generated Responsive Tag","URL",m],["_trackEvent","Generated Responsive Tag","Flowline","0-"+q.join("-")])}}function a(o){var n={};var m=o.match(/google_ad_(S*) = (.*);/ig);if(!m){return}var p=m.length;while(p--){var q=m[p].split("=");q[0]=q[0].replace(/^s+|s+$/g,"");q[1]=q[1].replace(/^s+|(s+|;)$/g,"");q[1]=q[1].replace(/^"|"$/g,"");n[q[0]]=q[1]}return n}function i(n){var p=h,q=p.getElementById(n),m,o;if(p.body.createTextRange){m=h.body.createTextRange();m.moveToElementText(q);}else{if(f.getSelection){o=f.getSelection();m=h.createRange();m.selectNodeContents(q);o.removeAllRanges();o.addRange(m)}}}})(window,document,jQuery);

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