Publisher Services

We provide a variety of products and services for Publishers that have a Responsive Web Designed site or would like to get one!

Publishers with Ad Sales – STRETCH™ offering for your advertisers

Take better control over your multi-screen inventory.  Make sure you can leverage your mobile inventory to be filled with the same advertisers you are selling on the desktop.  Be in the driver seat to best fill your valuable premium inventory across all screens and assets.

Our newly released private beta for STRETCH™  enables you to work close to your agency and advertiser partners by defining how you want the different ad formats to fit into all screens with one-ad, one-ad-tag solution.  Anybody can do in minutes  The 4-step process is as easy as:

1) uploading a  layered PSD creative ( Adobe Photoshop file)

2) selecting the different configurations you want to fill on the site, and

3) doing the basic editing and rich-media/animation creation.

4) Deploy as Ad Tag  ( We support DFP, OpenX, OAS, mOcean, AdZerk, AdTech)

The service makes it easier to collaborate and get approvals  from the creative owners and easily deploy the one-ad tag that an work with your existing ad-server.

From leaderboard ads (728×90) , rectangle ads ( 300×250), full-page impact or wall-paper ads, watch how “magical” it is for the same ad to be designed for above-the-fold delivery across all screens.

BENEFITS for Site owners or Publishers

  • Get mobile ads from the same desktop ads immediately as one ad unit….. best way to monetize mobile
  • If you are just looking for the right strategy or the best advertising solution for your Responsive Web Design Site….. ResponsiveAds has a team of experts specifically well versed in solving your problem and/or finding a custom solution for you needs.
  • If you are a site owner that sells your own desktop ads and have found an inventory fill problem and eCPM differentiation between mobile vs. desktop…… ResponsiveAds new STRETCH™ solution can help you close that gap rather quickly and accelerate revenue ( e.g. 30% increase in performance by many of our clients immediately)
  • If your Ad Operations is tired of multiple tags for multiple different channels and variants…… ResponsiveAds STRETCH™ can reduce your Ad Operations time and allow for easy change management even after release process.  This solution can help simplify the process and save up to 90% of your configuration time.
  • With our newly launched Responsive App Canvas feature–   you can embed any HTML5 App, widget, game, coupon, form, payment widget

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services for $150/hour.  From strategy, design, development.  We do full-service.

We have a basic package for $1500 we can convert your existing Desktop Ads to a Responsive Ad and offer you 1Million impressions

Contact us today for your every needs….