ResponsiveAds™ Narrator™ Design Studio Pricing

Design Workflow to Produce Responsive Multi-Size, Single-Size & IAB Flex HTML5 Creatives

Creative Management Cloud and Ad Serving

Add Pay-as-you-go Upgrade for Single & Multi-Size Dynamic Load Ad Tags that work with Industry Ad Servers

Industry Ad Serving

ResponsiveAds offers a 3rd Party Ad Server (3PAS) that works with all Industry Ad Servers (e.g. Adzerk, AdTech, Google DoubleClick (DCM/DBM/DFP), CXense, OpenX, Sizmek, Xaxis). We, also, support all Mobile MRAID SDKs (Admob, Smaato, Adsmobi, OperaMedia works, etc.). Contact us to join our list.

Analytics Suite

+ $0.05 CPM (add pay-as-you-go to your HTML5 Creative(ZIP))

Premium Web Fonts

+ $0.05 CPM (add pay-as-you-go to your HTML5 Creative(ZIP))

Dynamic Ad Serving (BASIC)*

+ $0.25 CPM (includes Analytics/Premium Web Fonts, < 200K weight, multi-size ad tag)


+ $0.50 CPM (plus Responsive Expandables, DCO, < 1M weight, multi-size ad tag)


+ $1.25 CPM (plus Responsive Custom Video HTML5, < 10M weight, multi-size ad tag)

Features & Formats

Everything You Need to Produce Highly Engaging Creatives
& Responsive Formats. See Our Continuously Growing List of Premium Features.

Animation Timeline (GreenSock)

Developer Console

Image Optimization


App-Canvas Widget

Dynamic Loading

Premium Webfonts

HTML5 Video Player

Automatic Layout & Duplication

Elements Library

Responsive Elements

X/Y Slider

Carousel Widget


Social Media

3rd Party Video Player

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