Responsive enables Mobile Ad fill rates to be 100%

  • Sell all screen inventory at a premium ( rich-media HTML5 ads)
  • Responsive Web Design site or separate sites
  • Unlimited formats ( custom, IAB & Rising Star, native, etc..)
  • Existing ad serving/ops ( DFP, OpenX, OAS, Adtech, Adzerk, etc..)
  • Responsive Advertising: no more managing multiple creatives!
  • Highest-quality of delivery ( retina to normal screens)
  • All browsers supported (mobile, IE7~10, Firefox, Safari, Chrome,etc..)
  • Simplify the sales process via “bundled sales”
  • Cross-screen analytics for each ad size, shape
  • and much, much, more…

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Want the Best Performing Rich-Media Available?

  • Self-serve product for animated HTML5 Responsive Ads.
  • Full-service production support for advanced units.
  • Interactivity 4X standard display with mobile performance 2~3X overall
  • Existing work-flow via upload Photoshop file to enable  HTML5 creatives
  • Re-mix, author what elements turn on/off  (mobile, tablet, desktop)
  • Animation, video, HTML5 apps, maps, eCommerce, forms, coupons…
  • Native ads to  IAB Responsive Rising Star expandable ads
  • Facebook, Twitter, etc… Social integration
  • Cross-screen analytics, viewability and interactivity available
  • and the most competitive rich-media unit prices in the market! (FREE tier)

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