Getting Google AdSense to work in Responsive Web Designed sites

In accordance to the holiday spirit we just made this free and open tool available to enable Google AdSense in Responsive Web Sites.

As many of our sign-ups have been asking for a way to fill their remnant inventory with Google AdSense in addition to running their own responsive ad creatives, we decided to create a simple tool to bundle your different Google AdSense codes and configure which one will run on mobile, which one on tablet and which one on desktop.

Google will most likely come up with their own solution for this sometime in the near future but in the mean time publishers can use our solution to enable AdSense to work to monetize their websites across all screens!

Our solution works nicely for publishers with their own ad sales that are using DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) and are back-filling with AdSense and publishers that are not using an ad server and are using AdSense codes directly in their sites.

Here is a link to our free tool.

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