What Every Publisher Needs to Know About Responsive Web Design and Advertising … Now & How

As more and more people are consuming the news on computers and devices with different screen sizes, publishers are considering whether to embrace Responsive Web Design and Responsive Advertising solutions.

In our first e-book, “What Every Publisher Needs to Know About Responsive Web Design and Advertising … Now & How,” we provide 51 pages of comprehensive information on what this move would mean for publishers – from monetization to investment to technology to workflow, and much more.

Highlights of the e-book include:

  • Studies showing the skyrocketing use of multiple screen sizes for news consumption;
  • A look at what Responsive Web Design is, what its components are, and what the implementation would mean for publishers;
  • The challenges and opportunities of figuring out the best Responsive Advertising strategies for publishers. We explain the different types of publishers, their unique ad server scenarios, and potential monetization solutions;
  • ResponsiveAds’ cross-screen monetization solutions STRETCH™ AND SWAP™, which allow publishers to sell inventory in bundles at desktop eCPMs, and convert current online ads to HTML5 Responsive Ads through our self-serve online platform;
  • Case studies discussing the successful private beta implementation of Responsive Ads of our local publishing partners;
  • An explanation why the transition from Flash-based advertising to HTML5 Responsive Advertising is the future; and
  • Valuable insight on the state of Responsive Web Design and its future from thought leaders Aidan Foster and Justin Avery.

Media contact:

Tim Sohn
(570) 559-7224