Chameleon or Fruit? Publisher’s Integrated Ad Strategy Challenges

1/15/2018  – *Blue Monday with the Blue Chameleon Matthew Snyder Amidst the challenges Publishers are facing in 2018 monetizing with advertising that culminated  from low commoditized CPM’s, regulated social syndicated growth (e.g. Facebook’s announcement of deprioritization for pubs)  and Google’s end-user power play by taking control over Ad Blocking  (Chrome with Adblock Feb 15th 2018) […]

Cross-Device Tracking Will Expand Mobile Advertising, hence the Responsive Creative

In a recent Media Post article Brian Nadres, TheMediaKitchen highlights three very important points. 1) Deriving Larger mobile budgets. The data from cross-device tracking could be the key to finally unlocking advertising spend on mobile devices. 2) More sequential messaging. Cross-device tracking highlights the power of using sequential messaging across devices. 3) Better media mix. Cross-channel attribution […]

Is Native Advertising Blurring the Line Between Content and Advertising?

On March 26, Paul Adams (@Padday), global head of brand design at Facebook, sent out this tweet: There is no difference between content and advertising. Advertising IS content. Some of it is great, some of it isn't. That's it. — Paul Adams (@Padday) March 26, 2013 This post triggered a controversial discussion on Twitter over […]