PRESS RELEASE: ResponsiveAds™ Launches New Responsive Web Design Display Banner Advertising Service

Today we are making our STRETCH(tm) product available for private-beta!  Here is the release….. we love connected moments and we wanted to memorialize 12/12/12 @12:12!


Now available in private beta, STRETCH™ offer enables publishers, agencies and brands to effectively run the same ad creative in different configurations across desktop, smartphones and tablets.

NEW YORK, NY, December 12, 2012 –ResponsiveAds, Inc. today announces the private beta release of the world’s first, patent-pending STRETCH™ product and a collection of responsive creative ad formats. The STRETCH™ product allows customers to easily upload a standard IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) ad unit-sized creative and in minutes author a single, cloud-hosted rich-media HTML5 responsive creative banner ad. Customers do not need to be web designers to create ads that work seamlessly on all digital screens while outputting a single ad tag to simplify the ad operations process, with full-compatibility to existing industry ad servers. A showcase of five unique new formats can be found at  * Included is a special responsive full-takeover (Backdrop™) in-cooperation with retailer Koko & Palenki for the holiday season. This ad demonstrates the “magic” of STRETCH™ as the ad acts differently in Smartphone portrait and landscape modes.


The breakthrough at the core of ResponsiveAds’ STRETCH™ technology directly addresses the challenges publishers are facing to effectively monetize their rapidly increasing mobile inventory. According to analyst Mary Meeker, now an Investment Partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, eCPMs (effective cost-per-thousand impression ads) are five times lower on mobile than on the desktop. The combined mobile and interactive usage vs. spend gap leaves an estimated US $20 billion immediate upside in the US market alone.


While the STRETCH™ product was developed with responsive web design sites in mind; it is not limited to responsive sites.   STRETCH™ ad tags can enable the same ad to work on mobile, tablet or desktop sites and apps using the patent pending process called Flow-Lines™. This new unique concept of Flow-lines™ defines the configuration for how the ad adapts automatically to different screen sizes and responds dynamically to context and user.  It is perfectly suited for brands to efficiently deliver a cross-screen campaign via just one ad-tag.


ResponsiveAds, Inc. has now opened its self-service platform for STRETCH™ advertising in private beta to a select group of publishers, advertisers and brands. The company is accepting requests for participation in the next round of the beta at  Users can upload a creative asset, which outputs as a Responsive STRETCH™ banner ad unit and ad tag.  From brand awareness to direct response campaigns, the same ad can be quickly configured run across multiple screen sizes. According to Founder and CEO of ResponsiveAds, Matthew Snyder, “We are excited to bring this disruptive product to both allow publishers the ability to improve yields and sell-through across digital properties, and to enable marketers to efficiently and effectively deliver their message across mediums through this new form of bundling.”


There is no cost to sign up and trial STRETCH™ product.  Once customers have reached a threshold of usage, the STRETCH™ service utilizes a pricing structure that combines CPM and cost-for-creative.  The request for invitation sign-up is available from today as well as information on plans and pricing.  Visit to sign up for a private beta invitation.



About ResponsiveAds, Inc.

ResponsiveAds, Inc. is the publishing and advertising industries’ first-ever responsive web advertising focused company, built from the ground up to best serve the new challenges in multi-screen design and monetization. Its innovative, patent-pending technology gives publishers the freedom to seamlessly scale existing Ad Ops organizations to the needs of the marketplace. ResponsiveAds is offering a suite of products and professional services targeting multi-screen advertising for revenue acceleration across all screens.  ResponsiveAds is working with industry groups such as the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) to develop these new industry ad format standards.  The company is comprised of mobile and online advertising technology experts passionately looking to solve the problems of convergence and monetization of media.


For more information, please visit http://

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Responsive Advertising Framework Private Beta Opens for Responsive Web Design Sites

New offer enables publishers to effectively monetize inventory across all screens (desktop, mobile and tablets)

NEW YORK, NY, Mar 09, 2012 –The start of SXSW Interactive — the festival and conference hailed as a breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies — provides the perfect backdrop for the launch of RAFT™ (Responsive Advertising Framework Technology), a world-first framework developed by ResponsiveAds, Inc. that offers web publishers a cloud-based self-serve ad management platform directed at Responsive Web Designed sites.

Affirming its role as an innovator in cross-screen technologies and solutions globally ResponsiveAds, Inc. has opened RAFT™ private beta to publishers (by invitation with sign-up). RAFT™ enables inventory management, placement and delivery of ad network ad-tags, affiliate ad scripts, and direct insertion of different types of ad-units.

Responsive Web Design is part of the evolution of HTML5/CSS3 design methods, and is considered to be one of the best approaches for a mobile or tablet cross-platform web strategy, because it gives websites a “water-like approach” to conform to any screen.  Recently, “Responsive Web Design” has been searched globally more than 2x that of “mobile web design” and “mobile application development” according to Google Trends.  It can be the right strategy to do away with the costly problem of fragmentation that exists with mobile applications. Tablet growth in the US of varying screen formats is expected to reach 481M units by 2015, becoming a greater than $100 billion market, according to BI Intelligence, Business Insiders Research Service.

The launch is focused on customizable publisher ad supply side tools that will give site owners the ability to monetize a Responsive Web strategy cross-channel, leveraging their existing operations and relationships with ad networks, mobile and online ad servers, to make a seamless transition to the multi-screen approach.

The patent-pending technology RAFT™ is a one-tag JavaScript cloud controlled system enabling dynamic control of any ad unit anywhere on the site, for any screen view. RAFT™ is neither limited by fixed iFrame sizes nor does it require editing ad-tags when publishers need to change an ad unit footprint (requiring a developer on every ad implementation). For example, in the event of a site editorial change that might affect Feature phone, Smart phone, Tablet, Netbook or Desktop views, ad placement and management across those views becomes seamless.

RAFT™ will be FREE for the entry product with the launch of the Private Beta as an opportunity for ResponsiveAds to work with a handful of publishers, ad networks, ad servers and agencies to refine the cross-platform features and self-serve process before the full open launch.

In addition to RAFT™, ResponsiveAds has categorized and will offer professional development services for two different Responsive Ad Unit types: Responsive Swap Ad™ and Responsive Stretch Ad™.  The Responsive Swap Ad™ unit enables publishers to pick the different creative sizes and tags in a wizard to configure each view breakpoint. The publisher can have a combination of mobile ad networks and online networks in one configuration, which the RAFT™ framework intelligently swaps to suit the screen’s cross-channel configuration. The Responsive Stretch Ad™ unit is an adaptable one-code ad unit that morphs to fit all screen size configurations dynamically.

“Responsive Web Design is a beautiful growth opportunity for publishers grappling with mobile, tablet and desktop operations by effectively enabling more traffic to all properties via search and social inbound links. When you click on an SEO or SEM optimized link, no matter what the context or the origin of that link the site will work perfectly,” said Matthew Snyder, Co-Founder CEO. “We have been working with publishers building out Responsive Web Designed sites now for some time and have found publishers can get up to 30% more traffic when this cross-media strategy has been properly executed.  Publishers were effectively leaving money on the table by not optimizing inventory for different views, especially mobile and tablet.

ResponsiveAds plans to release in the future a variety of premium paid services to complement the FREE version of RAFT™, for advanced features such as cross-screen re-targeting and inventory optimization.

The Private Beta sign-up is available from today with the start of SXSW interactive.  Please visit to receive the Private Beta invitation. (Limited Invites are available.)


About ResponsiveAds

ResponsiveAds is the publishing and advertising industries first-ever Responsive Web advertising focused company, built from the ground up to best serve the new challenges in multi-screen design and monetization. Its progressive technology gives publishers the freedom to seamlessly scale existing Ad Ops organizations to the needs of the marketplace. ResponsiveAds’ first product, RAFT™ (Responsive Advertising Framework Technology), is an easy to install, FREE JavaScript one-tag solution to give publishers the opportunity to monetize quickly and effectively.  The company is comprised of mobile and online advertising technology experts passionately looking to solve the problems of convergence and monetization of media.  For more information, please visit http://




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