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ResponsiveAds HTML5 banners have seen engagement and interaction rates 20x industry standards such as the IAB HTML5 single-sized formats.  The reasons are as follows:

1. Pixel-perfect layouts.

ResponsiveAds fluid ads are pixel perfect HTML5 from typography, video and images that catch the users eye. Beautiful media makes a difference to the consumers eye.

2. Fit spaces beautifully & natively.

ResponsiveAds fluid ads are shape-shifting and can fill spaces dynamically giving the best fit to publishers pages no matter the screen-size or view port width. From desktop to mobile they fluidly stretch edge-to-edge. This gives elegance to the presentation of the advertiser’s brand within the publisher’s pages.

3. Lightning fast loading.

ResponsiveAds fluid ads do not cause page-jank or affect the performance of the page and load instantly thus giving a great experience with a 20% improved visibility rate when dynamic loading is utilized.

4. Born from the Coalition of Better Ads standards.

ResponsiveAds based the design of formats and all specifications from the Coalition of Better Ads Standard and best practices. These standards are based on extensive user research as to what ads make great experiences and not ads people want to block.

5. High-impact video with a maximum emotional effect.

ResponsiveAds fluid ads are the technology of choice by many top brands from Burberry, Versace, BMW, Apple, Google, Lexus, Samsung, Porche, Rolex and 50,000 others that run fluid edge-to-edge campaigns with ResponsiveAds through our premium publishing partners bring the best creative designs to display in big, beautiful footprints.

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