Season Greetings from ResponsiveAds

Thank you all for a great 2020. As we come on the heels of an extraordinary year, I hope you and those you care about are well. The words unprecedented, challenging, tough has been used constantly in the past 12 months. But, I would say that it has also been a time of resilience, fortitude, […]

Responsive HTML5 Rich Media Display Banner Kweight Optimization Design

When designing very large edge-to-edge (max-width, fixed-height) HTML5 banners especially fluid and flexible ones, there is always a concern about the size of the ad and the performance. At ResponsiveAds we have looked at this for a decade with over 50,000 campaigns and have seen a clear pattern in overall performance.   If the k-weights are […]

Chrome Heavy & High-Impact Display Ads

Google has recently made an announcement that they will be launching the HEAVY ADS initiative at the end of August.   There has been a flurry of coverage and many publishers have been caught off guard. At ResponsiveAds we look to enable the design and delivery of the best performing fluid creative from the standpoint of […]

Users are in Control: Google allows users to turn-off Retargeting Ads

This is part of many articles that we will discuss and shape the conversation on how Users need to be in control.  With the launch of Google’s Chrome Ad Blocker on Feb 15, 2018, it is clear that that is the direction Google is going;  to give users full control over advertising. In this article […]