Advertiser and Agency Services

We plan on a variety of tools and services for Advertisers and Agencies that have a Responsive Web strategy or would like to get one!

Agency/Brand ResponsiveAds STRETCH™ Ad Creator

ResponsiveAds offers a new unique break-through technology around banner display ads to reach consumers on all screens ( mobile, tablet, desktop) with a one-ad, one-tag solution called STRETCH™. With just a simple upload of a creative into our system, advertisers can immediately make a responsive banner (mediaqueries break points included) that gives a cloud hosted HTML5 ad unit that can be animated or static to work everywhere.

Design an ad to respond to screen sizes, either landscape or portrait mode (e.g – iPhone 4 or iPhone5) or an ad that can include dynamic content optimization that responds to user or context during the purchase process. We are the first to really offer a solution that makes cross-screen attribution modeling easy. See showcase examples as a reference for what you can achieve with your multi-screen campaigns.

We see the future of advertising as a story-telling process in the world of screen-shifting. From brand awareness on the desktop to direct response on mobile (with coupons, maps and on-site call-to-action campaigns) like never before. No longer should an ad have to be separated by different channels, but offered as a bundle to work everywhere. STRETCH™ is that disruptive new ad technology for marketers to offer a creative communication process even after.

  • If you feel like dealing with an overload of different creative types for mobile, desktop, rich media and you want to simplify the process significantly… ResponsiveAds STRETCH™  can help you reduce multi-screen creative development time up to 90%.
  • If you are an advertiser that would like to be able to connect your ad campaign across all screens without compromising in quality or delivery, ResponsiveAds STRETCH™  is right for you.
  • If you would like to maintain conversations with consumers during the campaign, run different content through the ad in real time from screen-to-screen (cross-screen or screen-shifting), then ResponsiveAds STRETCH™ is right for you.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services for $150/hour.  From strategy, design, development.  We do full-service.

We have a basic package for $1500 we can convert your existing Desktop Ads to a Responsive Ad and offer you 1 Million impressions

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